Thursday, April 02, 2009

On the way to Datuk Dr Fadzilah Kamsah’s talk in Johor, organized by my company last Wednesday, I have many things in mind. So many things. This is one guy, I respect so much because exactly 1 decade ago, he came to my high-school and change a lot of us. I for one, got a great result in SPM, second best among my batch, and I got a PETRONAS scholarship to study abroad. I’m sure it is still a dream for many of our kids these days to get what I got.

The main question in my mind is, “Datuk, now that I’ve got what I want 10 years ago, how do I achieve my next goal.. Cause currently, I’m a bit stuck between career and family. My pregnant wife and my ill mother are in Sabah and I’m in Melaka. Please advice”.

To the miracle of God, I did not ask that question. I’m neither introvert, shy nor unmotivated. Time and opportunities were not against me and I have all the chance to ask that big question to him but I did not. He is still the same him ten years ago. With his cheerful approach and generous dua’s to all of us, he talked about a few important life reminders which I think very relevant to my life.

It was never about working sincerely for your boss or PETRONAS. Forget the company, and forget your boss. You do what you do each day for the sake of Allah to get His Blessings. Every ringgit that you get from the company, it’s not about enough or not enough, but being a good Muslim it really is about getting the Barakah from that one ringgit.

Before this, I have always thought that the company and the bosses were trying to deceive us to work sincerely for the company and the country.. but forget them cause we don’t work for them. We work sincerely for Allah, and we are forever hopeful that every dollar we make contains the Barakah that we seek. Alhamdulillah, I say to myself, insyaAllah from now on, I shall be very careful with the way I use company resources, including the time allocated for my work and my personal claims.

Datuk, just like 10 years ago, has given us some medicine or pills on how to be a better person and how to work better. We all know this, especially about the heart as the most important part of our body. He is also right on how the day starts at home and he gives us simple tips like being thankful, hugging the wife, forgive everyone before going to bed, ask forgiveness from Allah and do our small prayers in the morning. These simple things shall make you remember Allah always and live a life full with Barakah.

Yes, I shall be forever concern about the authenticity of the Hadiths and translation that he used, but some of these hadiths and Qur’anic verses, I know by heart. I step back a little and I say to myself, I know this.. Of course I know this. And yet again, with his magical ways, he reminds me of the simple prayers, about taking care of the heart, about being thankful with everyone and about continuously asking for Allah’s forgiveness. These small yet powerful tips insyaAllah, I plan to practice.

Finally, throughout the talk, he emphasized on the importance of change and how to change. His ways were simple, yet so powerful. He kept asking throughout the session for a pledge from everyone, to just do simple things like hugging your kids and wife, be thankful to everyone and do your small prayers. Not understanding this, I never raised my hand throughout the session. Now, upon reflecting the things that he said, I’ll be the first to raise my hand the next time.

It seems simple but these pledges were as pure as it can be. No bosses, no whoever to judge you cause even Datuk don’t know you. But our sincere small pledges shall insyaAllah be granted with a life full with happiness.

He did touch on how to know yourself starting by your name, your features, your signature, your handwriting.. Yes, these small changes in writing and signing too shall insyaAllah bring a positive change in all of us.

Alhamdulillah, for all the great things in life and just yesterday, I turn 27. Thanks to mom and dad and my family for all the love I get. Thank you to PETRONAS for this great job. Thank you everyone for being great friends, understanding my constraints and my strengths. Forgive all my wrong doing and insyaAllah, I forgive all. InsyaAllah, I plan to work harder in life to gain a very Barakah life. May Allah bring goodness and happiness for all of us and for PETRONAS, insyaAllah.

Sincerely,Lokman MN

- just read this in my mail that hubbi fwd masa accident 2 tahun lepas.