Monday, March 19, 2007

Gentle Reminder

Received a message from my friend:


Just to of my Korean colleague passed away recently while warming up to play soccer. He is in his mid 30's leaving his wife and 2 small kids. They just arrived Doha 5 months ago. Took us by surprise but a gentle reminder by Allah that we all belong to Him.


Another egyptian friend also related a story, when he was stressed from work and returning home, his wife asked him to go for a drive. Then she told him to stop at the maqabir (tanah perkuburan). The wife then made a remark that touched this brother, "If you think you're stress, then those being buried (while pointing to the maqabir) are more stressed than you are!". Thus my friend, let's not forget our true aim and priority in this life, da'wah ilallah wa jihadun fi sabilillah.


Janganlah kerana kesibukan bekerja atau berkeluarga, kita lalai dengan peranan yang harus dimainkan di atas muka bumi ini.


Tazkirah buat myself and sahabat,



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