Thursday, January 22, 2004

Ku pinta, namun tiada ku peroleh..
Ku pinta lagi, namun tiada ku peroleh..
Lagi ku pinta, namun tetap tiada ku peroleh..

Alhamdu lillah atas nikmat yang tiada ..
Things Could Have Become Worse .. and Allah Knows

If we succeeded
we would become arrogant
and start looking down on others.

If life was easy
we would stop knocking on His door
something we never stopped doing before.

If we were wealthy,
we would stop donating to the poor
thinking it is rightfully ours.

If we were such good PRs
we would deem others who are not beneficial for us
as insignificant.

If we were praised
our hearts become inflated
our face starts to bloom
don't we realize
it's just because they don't know
who we really are?

If we were insulted
our breasts become constricted
our face starts to blush
do we forget
for whom we were doing the action for?

If we got the 'thing' we wanted
more and more time we spend on it
less and less time we spend with Allah
more and more attachment to the khalq
less and less attachment with the Haqq.

If we were loved by people
we would remember more of insaan
we would forget more of Ar-Rahmaan

If we had great leadership capabilities
would we really invite them to the light
and would we really invite them to The Light
or we would manipulate them to our own cause.

If we ceased to fall, and ceased to slip
we would have stoned hearts, and dry eyes
for repentance is a gift, for only those who realize.

For even in the things we don't have .. all praise is to Allah .. there's so much to be thankful for ..


for, Allah is what we seek
for, Him is what we want our hearts to be filled with
and nothing else really matters anyway.

- Ibaad Ar-Rahmaan -

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