Wednesday, March 10, 2004


First and foremost, bear in mind that the lifespan of a fly is about two weeks. For a human, not much can be done, but for a fly, that is a lifetime. If a fly is going to live in a man's world, he has to cram up human's 60 years in two weeks. So, on the first day he is born he has to learn how to walk and to communicate because he has to go to school the next day. Then, he must finish up his elementary school in one day. This fly must be very genius.

Next, he will go to high school on the third day. After that, since this fly is a genius, he got admitted to university. However, since studies in University are quite complicated and he has relatively smaller brain, it takes him two days to finish up his Bachelor in Entomology. Now, he is ready to live his live with his own income. He got a job as an entomologist cum researcher in a laboratory.

Nevertheless, the life at the laboratory is very uninteresting. He decided to get married. Thus, at the age of seven days, he got married to a female fly, which is definitely bigger than him. But he has no problem with the size. She does.They have a very long night together. He continued going to work on the 8th day of his life, and suddenly this fly begins to think about his future. What will he do when he retires? He decided to deposit some money in a bank which gives him a special, Dieflybye Savings packages with 50% interest rate for him with a hope the money he deposited will yield quite a sum.

At last, at the age of 12 days, he begins to feel tired and old, and decided to retire. He stays at home and fills his days playing with his grandchildren. Now only he realized that the 50% interest worth is not much to him because he can never keep his money there for a long period. He takes it as a lesson and hope it will never happen again. Finally, at the age of 14 days, he passed away and left his entire legacy to his grandchildren, with the hope that they will use their lifetime for something good.

Written by comrade Faiezy with slight editing from me.

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