Sunday, August 22, 2004

Smiling is Contagious

Bismillah wa alhamdu lillah wa assolaatu wa assalaamu 'ala rasulillah

We have often heard that a smile is contagious, but have you ever noticed that being rude also has it's own 'infection'.

Imagine you're starting your new day, a new semester, full of enthusiasm and spirit, and in that same morning a person you encounter acts unbelievingly rude towards you. How would you feel?

Some people would just shrug it off and continue that day with a full bright day. Unfortunately, most people gets turned off by it and in effect transforms their mood into a dull and ugly one. Then they react rudely towards another person, who then reacts rudely towards another person .. and yeah, you get the idea .. the cycle keeps going on and on and on .. until one nice person breaks it off.

So, take this as a personal message for yourself. You don't have to make the day worse for anyone. A little bit of smile wouldn't hurt. ^_^

[ Teka teki ] :: Apa benda yang tikus suka makan tu, yang warna kuning yang ada lubang lubang tu?
[ Answer ] :: Cheeeeeeeesssseee !!! ^_^

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