Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Understanding Patterns of Life
Memahami Pola Kehidupan

Dengan nama Allah, Tuhan semesta alam, selawat dan salam atas nabi junjungan

Periodicity, patterns and series are in reality essential in ones perspective of the world and is linked intrinsically on how someone views life.

When someone is able to identify the periodicity and pattern of a certain series or sets then clarity would emerge, calmness would seep in and anxiety would be wiped out.

Take for example the set of alphabets; a-n-g-k-u-h .

For an american, the phrase above is only a set of jumbled words that makes no sense and has no meaning whatsoever. On the other hand, if this set of alphabets is being given to a Malaysian, then in several milliseconds straight away he understands what it represents and a light bulb would appear above his head. This is due to the understanding of what the alphabets in a collective level means. It is true that lack of knowledge is sometimes hurtful.

Lets take another example; someone's desk.

Sometimes we often see that there are so many things on top of someones desk that we ourselves would call it a mess. But hold on a minute. You may call it a mess, because you don't understand the structure and pattern of the things on the table. Amazingly, for the desk owner, his desk is perfectly in order because he understands and has the knowledge of where everything's place is.

For the non-desk owner, if the desk owner himself asks him to grab the punch holder from the desk, he would frantically start to rummage the things on the desk, open up drawers, turn them upside down just to search for the punch holder. Upset and defeated he couldn't find it. Then comes the desk owner, calmly opens up a specific drawer and out comes the punch holder.

These are things that happen in our daily life level. Now, if we want to look at it more theoretically, a set of numbers say: 27 - 53 - 279 - 28 - 55 - 289 .. it doesn't make any sense! What do these numbers represent? These are nonsensical numbers.

But then someone comes and whispers to you ..
53 = (27 + 1) x 2 + 3
279 = (53 + 4) x 5 + 6
55 = (28 + 1) x 2 + 3
289 = (55 + 4) x 5 + 6
... you would say "Ahhhhh .. i see."

So you see. What do you see?

If you enhance your understanding, you would start to comprehend that :

1. the numbers are not dependant on itself, but are also dependant on its past values.
2. Not only that, observing it deeper would result in an enlightenment that values in this particular set of numbers is also dependent on other set of numbers which in this case is 1 - 2 - 3 - 1 - 2 - 3 and also the set of operations +, x, -, +, x, - and so forth.

So finally, what do we quench out of this theory? By the way, this is a powerful theory.

The quench is :

"Bear in mind that life is also a cycle. Bak kata orang roda kehidupan. Life too has its own patterns, including my life and yours. Therefore, when some bad glitches appear in some period of your life just remember that it didn't happen out of nowhere. It may be due to:

1. your past actions
2. dependant on how you relate and treat others

And once you could identify and understand the pattern, its a beauty .. since patterns are always beautiful and understanding is an awe.

The second take home message is that if you remember that this is not a desk owner who designs the pattern, but its the owner of time and the owner of every-thing and every-one who calls the shot. So be calm, because He knows what He is doing."

Allahu ta'ala a'lam.

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