Friday, March 25, 2005


So Pak Lah wants other countries to view Malaysia as a corporate entity. To have a high recognition of Malaysia in the business world. And after a while he pops out a rhetorical question, "So, who's the CEO of Malaysia?".


"I'm the CEO of Malaysia. And I'll manage it, the way it should be", answered Pak Lah with full confidence and enthusiasm.


And on that day, God asks, "Li man al-mulk al-yaum?", "To whom belongs the government today?"

In unison, all the people who lived on the face of the earth, since Adam till the last man on earth would answer, "Lillah alwaahid al-qahhar", "It belongs to Allah, The One, The Almighty."

In other words, who's the CEO of the world, the CEO of the entire solar system, the CEO of the entire galaxy?

Say, Allah.

Fellas, I'm giving you straight advice, you better follow your boss' order, coz you don't want him to give you a hell of a time.

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