Friday, March 18, 2005

Things to Clarify .. The Mind

Ehem ehem .. attention please.

Firstly nak clarify, saya masih belum berkahwin. Jadi kepada rakan rakan yang dah ucapkan tahniah thru emel, website or sms .. terima kasih saja lah ye saya ucapkan. Terharu, campur geli hati, campur konfius pun ada. Harap sabar menanti, walaupun penantian itu memang satu penyeksaan.

Secondly, memandangkan masa limited depan internet .. i'll just let the story trickle slowly, bit by bit, the 'amazing fact(s)' that makes life experience different from Malaysia and the states.

Fact number 1: America is a non-muslim country. But given the right opportunity you can learn Islam over there. My Malaysian friend, Tarlochan Singh, started to find Islam as the way of life in that non-muslim country.

Fact number 2: America is a non-muslim country. Given the right circumstances, you can lose your Islam over there. Two of my muslim Malaysian friends who studied in the United States became athiest.

The complete story will be unfolded soon insha Allah (if I manage my time properly) .. so, to be continued ..

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