Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Leave From the Blog

Minta maaf zahir batin. I seek forgiveness in not updating the blog lately. I'm taking a leave from my blog for a few weeks. In that period, allow me to introduce a dear friend of mine *drumroll please* Imran Jamalul-lail to fill in the gap. Hopefully his words of wisdom will assist us in achieving a qalb that is saleem, in order to meet Him in the blissful garden of Raiyan.

With that being said, please give brother Imran a big welcome .. *clap clap clap* (with shouts of Allahu akbar in the background).

Oh Allah, please please please bind our hearts in Your love.
Please assist us in loving You, in loving the people that You love,
in loving the deeds that makes us closer to You.
Allahumma habbib ilaina al-eemaan, wa zayyanahu fi qulubina,
wa karrih ilaina al-kufra wa al-fusuuqa wa al-'isyaan,
wa ij'alna min ar-rashideen.

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