Friday, March 31, 2006

A Lesson From Heaven

All the turmoil and unrest in the world tells us as if the earth is coming to an end. Rules are meant to be broken, or so they say. And so order ceases to exist, and even if it were to exist, it only remains to the silent majority - the lay people. But for the world leaders, mishandling of wealth is rampant in it's own subtle ways. Our small hearts question how when someone acquires a high position, their wealth soars disproportionately in comparison with their own meager 'on paper salary'.

Well, that is how the earth operates sighs the disappointed majority. And that's how it was meant to be prides the wealthy minority.

The good news is, they are wrong. The universe was not designed to be chaotic and without rules. During the night, try and take a stroll outside your homes and take a look at the amazing skies. The stars glitter everywhere as if it were shining dusts scattered by an unknown hand. The truth is, the whole galaxy operates in an extremely systematic way. Their movements around the stars are very timely and not going beyond the designated path or orbit. If a planet chooses to stray from it's path the universe will definitely come to a disaster. For billions of years, that was always the practice of these superb creations. And for billion of years, they lived together in harmony.

But man's egos are much bigger than what the world could carry. We always deviate from the right path and in the end plan for our own destruction. Maybe the time has come for us to start taking lessons from the beautiful heavens.

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