Tuesday, April 12, 2005

bismillaah ..

there's a time when I just want to pray,reading quraan, do dzikr + in constant 'ibadaah n do nothing else ..

there's a time when I just want to be away from ppl, thinking of nothing except about me and my Lord ..

there's a time when the test gets harder and harder and i know there's no one out there can help me out except Allaah ..

there's a time when i feel so long of Rasool Allaah & his companions ..their special brotherhood environment ..relentless da'wah spirit ..full of force 'ibaadat momentum ..

and now, i am embarking in this journey ..the journey of 'uboodiyyah ..the journey of love fillaah ..the journey of endless struggle ..

i ask you, O Allaah, please strengthen me with the outmost strength & determination..only upon You I place my reliance & hope ..I will try my very best to fulfill my promises, bi idznillaah ..

Labbaik Allaahumma Labbaik ..please accept me & have mercy upon me ..irhamnee yaa Rabb..

irhamnee ..


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