Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Parables from the Qur'an

Author: Unknown

Sharing one ayaat from Al-Quraan that really touches my heart

"....sambil menundukkan pandangan-pandangan mereka keluar dari kuburan
seakan-akan mereka belalang yang berterbangan.....(54:7)"

There must be a reason why Allah sebutkan belalang dalam ayat tu. While
searching in the internet, found the following:

In the verse above the unbelievers are reminded that they will be
resurrected and that will be a difficult day for them. Imagine, billions of
men rising from the dead, coming out of their graves! Confusion,
perplexity, fear, remorse ? Everybody on his own. The only help is from
God. The day when high offices, families, riches and possessions have no
value.. the day of no return!

The resurrected are likened to locusts, why particularly locusts?
Recent researches benefiting of micro cameras conducted by a systematic
observation on insects have given us an idea about the reason for the
selection of locusts as example. To begin with swarms of locusts, billions
of them together give the impressions of a vast rain cloud without end, a
black mass stretching far and wide many kilometers! Locusts bury their eggs
in the earth and their larvae spend some time under the ground before they
eventually emerge to the surface.

Take for instance the locusts, part of the fauna of New England, USA; in
the month of May of the year in which they attain their 17th year, these
insects emerge from under the ground where they had been living for years
and years. Suppose, you tell a man: "We'll shut you up in a dark cell
without a wrist-watch and you'll have no contact whatsoever with the
outside world and you'll be released at the end of the 17th day," it is
very doubtful that he will be able to know exactly the time when he will be

There is a similarity between locusts and men.

-After a long time

-Under the ground


-Densely crowded

-They rise to the surface of the earth

The parables and metaphors in the Quran are many. These figures of speech
is to help us to understand better the hidden meanings of the verses.

43-And such are the parables we set forth for the people, but only those
understand them who have knowledge.

29-TheFemale Spider,43

27-We have put forth for the people every kind of parable in this Quran
that they may take heed.

39- The Throngs, 27

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