Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Whilst I Was Waiting

Huh .. waiting again .. well last week, since Kara was so serious about late attendance, I found myself arriving at Guilford House about half an hour early.

The sun was so bright and it was such a beautiful day. Taking a nap was all I could think about at that time. Unfortunately, that couldn't be possible since I still had 3 pages of grammar assignment to be dealt with.

Enjoying the sweet calmness that enveloped, I looked outside through the window and gazed at a tree. It was unique. It seemed just like any ordinary tree yet there was a difference that made it special.

My heart whispered, "Let's draw it .." and my hand gripped a pencil and started its motion.

Fifteen minutes passed, yet despite my scrupulous effort, the sketch didn't even looked like a tree.

Then i thought, "SubhanAllah, I can't even draw the tree.. but He creates it. "


-I am writing this mostly for myself

by: Alha (with slight modifications)

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