Sunday, September 19, 2004

A Polished Structure

Bismillahi awwaluhu wa aakhiruhu, amma ba'd

Have you ever seen a bulding extremely polished up and amazingly spotless? The floor sparkles by the bright light, the air smells sweet with fragrance and the furnitures are well organized.

Do you feel that the building is being cleaned each and every week? Most people would undoubtedly arrive to that conclusion.

Unfortunately, that assumption is devoid from the truth.

The fact is, a building that is cleaned weekly during a Sunday, would not be as nice when Friday or Saturday approaches. Whoever does careful observation, would finally realize the truth, that that polished building is not being cleansed once a week, but in reality each and every single day.

I understand that we are all busy with work and stuffs. But to only cleanse our heart once a week and to do maintenance on our qalb only during the weekends with the hope that it'll last a weeklong period is a grave injustice. And trust me, it just won't work out. It just won't work out.

Allahu ta'ala a'lam.

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