Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tahapan-tahapan Muslim
Hablun Min At-Televiziyyun

Whether we like it or not, let's face it that muslims today know more about superman and his 'supernatural' abilities rather than knowing who Abdullah ibn Mas'ud is. And yes, one of the external reason is the syaitan sitting right in your living room disguising as a harmless black box.

And tiba tiba dengan muka innocent kita akan bertanya, "sebab apa muslims hari ini jauh dari al-Qur'an, ditindas oleh musuh-musuh Islam, berakhlak dengan akhlak yang mengaibkan dan terpaksa hidup di bawah pemerintah yang korup?".

I mean .. hellooooooo.

Well, here's a list of tahapan tahapan muslim and their hablun min at-televiziyyun stage. Try and gauge at which stage you are in right now AND to what stage you want to be in.

Level 1

To hold a special deep love for TV in his/her heart. Spends three hours or more in front of the screen.

The effect? His/her mind is intoxicated and shaped up by the TV. TV becomes his/her life.
* My comments - c'mon .. have a life! call 911. you are sick.

Level 2

Only watches certain episodes. Sometimes his/her daily schedule is architectured based on that particular TV program. Once in a while, if he/she happens to switch on the TV and an interesting program comes up .. you can't take him/her out of the chair; he/she is glued!

The effect? He/she's high on TV. It becomes his/her daily 'supplement'.
* My comments - you are what you eat.

Level 3

He/She has TV at home, but only his/her household watches it. He/She refrains because he/she is afraid of Allah.

The effect? You'll start to have a blissed life.
* My comments - you want to have a more blessed life? For God's sake .. just throw it off from the balcony!

Level 4

He/She throws the TV from his/her balcony.

The effect? People will think that he/she was mad/possesed/following a cult.
* My comments - didn't the rasul pbuh and the sahabah faced the same allegations?

Level 5

He/She tells his/her friends AND the whole world AND the entire galaxy about the evil effects of the TV.

The effect? Almost all the people on earth would not believe a single word he/she says and would degrade him/her calling him/her backwards.
* My comments - but the ones in the heavens are praising him/her. and he/she is not backwards but way more futuristic than any other people on earth (in planning for the 'future' and afterlife).

Level 6

He/She is tired of talking but sets up an Islamic TV Network.

The effect? You'll become a mujaddid (reformer).
* My comments - now that's when i say .. you'll rock the world habibi!!

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