Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Thailand Muslims Killed

Thai Muslims suffocated to death in custody

Tuesday 26 October 2004, 18:23 Makka Time, 15:23 GMT

At least 78 people have died in southern Thailand, many of them crushed and suffocated after they were arrested and packed tightly into trucks, officials said on Tuesday.


Scores of Thai Muslims Killed in Police Custody

BANGKOK, October 26 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) – Some 78 Muslim protestors were confirmed killed Tuesday, October 26, while in police detention, bringing the death toll from clashes that erupted in southern Thailand a day earlier to at least 84.


At Least 78 Die After Thailand Riot
03:21 PM EST - October 26, 2004
The Associated Press

PATTANI, Thailand
At least 78 Muslim detainees suffocated or were crushed to death after police rounded up 1,300 people and packed them into trucks following a riot in southern Thailand. Islamic leaders accused troops Tuesday of overreacting and warned the deaths could worsen sectarian violence.


Thai authorities insist they handled the Muslim protest peacefully, but images and the high death toll give another version. (AFP)

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