Saturday, October 02, 2004

.. to forgive and forget
to stop giving yourself excuses ..

Forgive and Forget Not .. But Give Excuses

The Taste and The Weather.

When a relationship turns sour, people say let's just forgive and forget.

Yes, I know it's hard and tough. At times it's harder than a rock and tougher than steel.

So I say, let's stop doing that. But instead, let's forgive and forget not. For to forgive is divine, and to forget not creates a sunshine. It lights the path, to cease us from falling into the same hole twice.

For only the one who remembers the dark stormy days in the winter would appreciate the warmth of the blazing sunshine on a bright summer day. And the one who has just tasted bitterness, would appreciate more that taste of sweetness.

Flip and Flop

Things flip and flop.

And at times it flops, and flops, and keeps on flopping. Tired of getting ourself out from the mess by covering it up with our excuses?

Instead, let's put our skills of excuse-making somewhere else. Give it to someone who is more in need of it than we are.

For when our brother(s) or sister(s) do something which is wrong or unacceptable, create an excuse for them. If that excuse doesn't work, create another one, and another, and another.

Maybe he/she just didn't know ..
or maybe he/she wasn't aware of it ..
or maybe he/she didn't remember at that time ..
or maybe he/she just had a really bad day ..
or maybe he/she was brought up that way .. etc.

If those excuses still doesn't work, then we should scold our own self. For our beloved mu'allim s.a.w. taught us to make 70 excuses for our brother(s) and sister(s). But we only came up with less than twenty? Shame on ourselves.

If we have created 70 excuses, yet in our heart there still remains a feeling of uncontent, then we should weep for ourselves. For there's a possibility our heart is on the verge of dying or has a fatal permanent disease.

Weep. And pray that Allah gives us another heart.

* bismillahi awwaluhu wa aakhiruhu *

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