Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Khatirah ba'da 'Asr
Islamic Retreat at Adirondack Mountains
Given by: Imam Mokhtar Maghroui
Notes taken by: sister Taherah Mokhtar

1. Be at all time in the state of Tahaarah [ keep renewing our wudhuu’]

2. The word “Tahaarah” :: first thing come across our mind is ghusl, but in fact being in the state of wudhuu’ has indeed fulfilled the requirement to be toheer.

3. Repetition in wudhuu’ is intended to guide us to the inner dimension of tahaarah.
a. constantly repeated :: Why??
b. Have you ever thought about washing clothes :: constantly get washed whenever it gets dirty. How about our self –don’t you think that our quloob are to be cleansed more frequent than our clothes are?

4. Removing dirt thru wudhuu’ leads to the next step :: cleansing our quloob.

5. Rasul Allah s.a.w. said,” Everytime an ‘abd washes his jawareeh [limbs] during wudhuu’, the dhunoob [sins] from his jawareeh are washed out.”
>> “yatatohharuun min al dhonb” :: washes away the dhonb
>> most of us don’t see this :: Why?? Because our quloob are not
pure/cleansed enough to be able to witness it.

6. As I doing my wudhuu’, Allah & malaaikah see the dhunoob flowing from my dirty hands, mouth, faces, legs, etc. I feel haya’, tawadhu’ & khushu’ah consequently.

7. If I am all the time in the state of tahaarah, I am indeed all the time “cleansing” my jawareeh & inner self.

8. I should, therefore, everytime renew my wudhuu’ whenever it gets nullified.

9. Next level after the zoheer tahaarah :: tatheer of my qalb from all ugly images and defects. Ultimately drives to tatheer of the siir [concealed] >> tatheer from other than Allah swt.

10. People complained to Ibn Qayyim rah., “There is no more auliyaa’ of Allah at this time.” He replied, “ Who are you to see a wali? Will a king allow his daughter to be seen by a filthy street man?”

11. Most of the times, our taubah remains on the lips. Do we really try to ponder about this?

12. Keeping the “wounded qalb” away from contamination after taubah.If I cleanse my “wound” and I expose it to bacteria, then I’ll get the wound again! I should at least help my self in the rational resolve.

13. Keeping away my qalb from ma’asi that will contaminate my qalb. Also, of course I want to give a proper medication/care to my wound :: can be achieved thru to’ah to Allah ‘azza wajal – solaah, zakah, qira’atul qur’an, the list goes on & on.

14. Most of the time, I feel boredom & laziness in constant & long ‘ibaadah because my qalb is in mareedh [sickness].

15. The harakaah [movement] of my qalb is improper:: it doesn’t love of what it is supposed to love, doesn’t obey to what it is supposed to obey, etc.

16. Thus, I must take the medication continuously until my qalb perceives and sees clearly the halaawatul [sweetness] ‘ibaadah.

17. Don’t be hurried in wudhuu’:: stay in khushuu’ah in that ‘amaal as it leaves effect on our solaah & ‘ibaadah.


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