Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Daughter?s scorn prompts mum to go under the knife

A 32-year-old woman spent more than RM10,000 of her life savings on plastic surgery after she was described as ?unsightly? by her daughter, reported China Press.  

The daily said Tian Li in North China's Hebei Province went all the way to Beijing for a ?facial make-over.?  

When asked her reason for undergoing plastic surgery, Tian, who is of a darker than normal complexion, said her daughter Liu Ting, 12, had claimed that Tian's looks had caused her embarrassment at school.  

?Once when I attended one of her school events, she told me off, saying that I looked unsightly.

?Hopefully after the operation, my children will be happy with my looks,? said Tian.  

The daily also quoted a Deputy OCPD as claiming that he had seen a Big Foot in the forest along the Kelantan-Thailand border 26 years ago.

He said the creature was as tall as a four-storey building and left behind footprints one-metre in length.

?I can still remember it vividly. It was 1979, and 11 of us, then attached to the forest police, stumbled upon the big creature while carrying out surveys in the forest,? he said.

?The creature was roaring and striking its chest before disappearing into the dense jungle.

?It was scary. I was about to shoot the creature, but was stopped by one of my colleagues,? he added.  

Nanyang Siang Pau reported in its sports page that Kim Dong-moon and Ra Kyung-min of South Korea, badminton's formidable mixed doubles pair, had held their wedding ceremony in Seoul.

The former world champions had chosen Christmas Day for a memorable wedding reception after retiring from international tournaments in May this year.

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